Design of Illumination Devices

Design, production and verification of military and commercial type illumination devices

Mylaser Inc., within the scope of the development projects carried out for “Military Type Lighting Systems” since 2010; due to its long life, low power consumption and life cycle cost advantages, "LED" technology applications are focused on.

Within the specific military lighting devices field, unique products in accordance with military standards has been developed, and following their qualifications 9 different products has entered the inventory of armored land vehicles.

In the aviation field, LED-based Search Lamp and Landing Lamp which are retrofit for PAR46 type lamps are qualified to be used on helicopters and are in the process of EASA certification.

A zoom search lamp has been designed to be used on stationary platforms of border security or of critical structures. For its high efficiency solution method a patent application has been made. In the field of infrared illumination, an ultra-narrow beam IR Projector has been developed and used in airports integrated with the camera of a FOD Detection System.

Additionally in the medical field, within the “Operation Lamp” project, an opto-mechanical method that will have a positive effect on production costs has been developed and a patent application has been filed.

Design of Illumination Devices
Design of Test Equipment

Design of Test Equipment

Design, production and verification of electronic, electro-mechanical and opto-mechanical customized test equipment

MYLASER, which provides solutions in hardware and software design, integration and user support of test systems for a wide range of testing requirements of devices or systems, also carries out projects on the modernization of existing systems.

Within the scope of “Customized Test Setup” design and verification activities; since 2011 Mylaser Inc. has been providing turnkey solutions to the Main Contractor Companies of the Turkish Defense Industry. In this area, ROKETSAN has determined Mylaser Inc. as Solution Partner and the protocol has been signed. With close co-operation with the customer at every stage of the projects; starting from the requirements determination phase including the design, prototyping, testing and verification phases, 5 different electronic / electro-mechanical calibration and test setup projects to be used in the assembly and final integration lines of different sub-assemblies and assemblies, are successfully completed.

Consulting, Engineering and Design Services

Electronic, Electro-mechanical and opto-mechanical customized unit design, production and verification

MYLASER offers consulting, engineering and design services in optical, mechanical, electronic main disciplines and electro-optical, opto-mechanical sub-disciplines. Depending on the Project-specific demands of the customers; Mylaser provides any customized solution from the level of a single unit to a turnkey solution for whole system.

In line with the project requirements, designs made in accordance with the standards are supported with necessary analysis. These designs are then verified and quickly implemented with the knowledge accumulated in the testing area. 

As Mylaser Inc., we would like to be “the solution partner for you” in different subjects that are suffice by our company infrastructure and within our competencies, without being limited to the capabilities listed below:

Optical / Electro-Optical Design & Analysis

  • Visible Region Opical Systems
  • Near Infrared & Mid-IR Optical Systems
  • Solid-state & Semiconductor Laser Systems
  • Aspheric Lens Design and Optimization
  • Opto-Mechanical / Electro-Mechanical Test Setups
  • Optical Alignment Setups

Mechanical Design

  • Precision Mechanical Parts
  • Motorized and Moving Parts
  • Packaging Design

Electronic / Electro-Mechanical Design

  • Analog / Digital Electronics
  • Motor Control and LED / Laser Driver
  • Multilayer PCB
  • Embedded Systems
  • NI or Beckhoff Based Electronic Test Systems
Consulting, Engineering and Design Services